Binaural Sound Map #1 Southern Maine

by Ursidae

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  • This zine accompanies the album by showing a picture of each location, with the dummy head microphone set up exactly where it was recorded. This gives more insight and dimension to the different locations, and makes the experience more immersive. they are designed to be enjoyed together. Each copy comes with a download code for the album so there is no need to buy both.
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This album is a documentation of 6 different places in southern Maine. Recorded in Binaural, so please use headphones for full effect. Each piece is a time capsule and the accompanying zine gives further visual context for each location. If you have no interest in the zine by all means just download the album, but any zine purchase will include a download so they can be enjoyed in tandem.

This is my first digital only release as well as my first pure field recording based release. If you enjoy the recordings please check out my other albums for a more musical experience.

Starting in 2017 all profit from my bandcamp will go to a charity organization. Remember, this is after bandcamp fees, so please consider giving an additional two or three dollars to cover those expenses.

All proceeds from this album will be directed to Food Not Bombs

Food Not Bombs is an organization with chapters all over the world. their main focus is taking donated food and preparing vegetarian and vegan meals that are distributed on the street free of charge to anyone who is homeless or hungry.


released August 11, 2016

All sounds recorded and mastered by Ursidae



all rights reserved


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The DAY/NIGHT TAPES is a DIY cassette project started by artist Ursidae. This page has grown to include my other work of various albums and on different labels. Please visit for more info about Ursidae.

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